Bonalumi Ferrari Partner SA Studio d'ingegneria is able to examine the characteristics of single road sections and intersections, identifying any problems from the point of view of the vehicular flow and / or safety and proposing appropriate interventions. These analyses represent the logical continuation of the collection of information on mobility and are carried out also with computer programs developed internally to Bonalumi Ferrari Partner SA Studio d'ingegneria. The analyses can be conducted for the following activities:

- calculation of the levels of service of roads and intersections in accordance with the VSS norms in force and / or according to other references (eg, HCM, HBS);

- analysis of safety of roads and intersections;

- design of interventions of streets at intersections reorganization;

- implementation of plans of road signs;

- design of motorized traffic calming measures;

- design of interventions in favor of non-motorized traffic (pedestrians and cyclists).

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